Information & After-care

General information

At your first treatment it will be necessary to add 30 minutes to your session. This will allow enough time for a thorough consultation to be taken. The consultation is completely confidential as you will be required to provide details regarding your general lifestyle including medical history, diet, stress levels and personal details. The consultation will allow me to determine the most effective and safest treatments for your individual needs

In some instances, it may not be advisable to continue with your treatment. For example, a particular medical condition may be aggravated by the treatment. If this is the case it may be necessary to obtain approval in writing from your GP before treatment can commence. Before a treatment it is advisable that you do not eat a heavy meal, drink alcohol or take recreational drugs.



  • After your treatment it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins that may be released during your treatment. This may be particularly important with treatments focusing on the head, upper neck, and upper back areas, as many toxins released may travel straight to the head causing headaches.  
  • Avoid alcohol, to avoid introducing more toxins into the system.
  • Relax and rest, to enjoy the full benefits of your treatment.
  • Eat a light meal and avoid heavy foods to maximise healing energy which may be otherwise used during digestion.
  • Avoid bathing immediately after an aromatherapy treatment to allow the essential oils to have full effect.


Treatment Contra-actions

After a treatment you may experience side-effects, however don’t worry since these are perfectly natural and are referred to as the ‘healing crisis’. i.e. the bodies need to temporarily worsen before getting better.

Symptoms include;

    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Thirst
    • Tiredness
    • Feeling of heightened emotion
    • Increase frequency of going to the toilet

These symptoms may not occur with every client but it is perfectly normal if they do occur, so don’t worry.

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